Thomas Wright

Software Engineering | Graphic Design | Web Development | A/V Engineering 

The Sciences and The Arts – my two greatest loves (aside from my wife and daughter – obviously).

I love making music, art, and software. I familiarized myself with audio and video editing while I was in high school. I started playing around with programming in 8th grade, and I’ve been drawing and producing artwork since I can’t remember.

You would be making an excellent decision if you choose to utilize our services here at

We are both skilled and seasoned professionals in multiple areas.

A great deal of the pleasure that comes from doing what you love is knowing that your clients love it even more.

Be safe out there 🙂

— Thomas Wright

Ether Arkon

Graphic Design | A/V Engineering | Web Development | Software Engineering 

Design is my first love in all its forms. The opportunity for applying the scientific method artistically through visual/audio methods is why I enjoy design so much.

I began practicing digital design and audio engineering when I was 15. Collaborating to create the face of a brand is a passion of mine that continues to grow.

We both have a diverse depth of experience and we love new projects and ideas.

We encourage you to reach out and work with a team that will help you and your vision thrive 🙂

–Ether Arkon